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If you have made it this far you must have some curiosity about this page and have an interest of your own in outdoor recreation and its effects on the natural world. The main purpose of this page is both for a final project for a class, Writing in an Endangered World, and to help educate you the reader. As you already know from the introduction I choose the topic of this page because of my own personal interest within outdoor recreation. I believe that a huge part of pushing the environmental movement forward is by providing people with knowledge about how their recreational activities are affecting the environment, and also by offering a way forward when thinking about a sustainable future for all. The main topics listed throughout this blog site are some of my all time favorite hobbies that are done outside. I want to educate people that love the same activities as myself in the ways in which they are negatively affecting the environment. Whether you involve yourself in the activities listed throughout this blog or not its still interesting to learn about the impacts of outdoor recreational sports. As you go through the blog try clicking on each of the images, if it is relevant it will guide you to the source of the image. The sources of the images will grant more knowledge about the subject being discussed. Also check out my blog page for my class Writting in an Endangered world: Reconnecting with Nature , it’s all about environmental literature.

Feel free to comment and I hope you enjoy the site! -Nick D.

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