Hello and welcome to my page! My name is Nick DeCarolis and I am the creator of this page. Before we delve into Recreational Awareness, and Sustainable Play, and what they might mean, it’s important for you the reader to gain an understanding of who I am!

My name as you have already read is Nick DeCarolis. I’m a 21 year old college student attending college at Keene State College in western New Hampshire. I grew up as a lover of the outdoors and involved myself in many outdoor recreational activities such as skiing, skateboarding, fishing, hiking, rock climbing, wake boarding and much more. As a lover of the outdoors naturally I found a passion for science, more specifically the study of the environment. This passion has guided me to where I am today, a junior in college with a major in Environmental Studies. Throughout my journey thus far I have learned much about the Earth and its different systems, ecosystems, processes and much more! The knowledge I have gained about the natural world has given me a newfound appreciation and respect for the planet. I have realized that there is much that we can all do to better the planet for everyone including ourselves.

The mission of this domain is to help spread awareness about the negative impacts outdoor recreational sports have had on the environment, and to offer a way of moving forward from these negative consequences. Many of the activities us outdoor recreational enthusiast involve ourselves in have had many negative effects on the natural world and the many organisms that we share our planet with. The main topics that will be viewed in this page are boating, downhill skiing, mountain biking, and hiking. To learn about these several different subjects and their negative environmental impacts click on one of the pages found on the left column of this page.

To learn more about the origin of this page and why it came to be, navigate to the about page and read more!

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